Masterclass 'Saggar firing in an electric kiln'

Masterclass Berlin

Do you like alternative firing techniques, but only have an electric kiln? Then this masterclass is for you.
In this one-day masterclass you will learn which materials you can use safely, how to 'pack' the work and how to put everything in the saggar.

Content of the masterclass

In the morning I will tell you everything about the process: what to do and not to do with the saggar, the colorants and the combustibles:

• What kind of work (clay) can you use;
• Using terra sigillata or not (difference);
• Different kind of saggars, size, airhole etc;
• What can be used as combustibles;
• Colourings: natural and oxides;
• How to apply;
• Firing;
• Finishing the work.

The afternoon starts with a demonstration on how to prepare your work for the saggar. After that you prepare your work for the saggar, fill the saggar with your work and combustibles and take it home. You must have access to a kiln where you can fire your saggar (unless the location of the masterclass is willing to fire them).
All the colorants and combustibles will be available.

Participants must bring a (fired) saggar and bisque fired work to the masterclass.

You can download instructions for making a saggar below.

Making A Saggar
PDF – 7,1 MB 139 downloads

On April 13 I will be giving a masterclass in Berlin. The masterclass is in English. Read the text on the right for information about the content.
If you're interested, go to @clayart37 on Instagram and register with a DM. No Instagram? Send me an e-mail.