“To see beauty in that which is imperfect, old, modest and authentic.. “

This quote is the inspiration for my work. It is the core of Wabi-sabi, an ancient Japanese philosophy and aesthetic.

Over time, objects are affected, colors change and new patterns emerge. I find the imperfection that arises interesting. It tells the story of the object. Clay fits the philosophy of wabi-sabi. I make simple shapes that often refer to old, functional pottery. They don't have to be completely perfect.

Not only for the shape but also for the finish of my work I look for techniques that fit within wabi-sabi. Alternative firing techniques give the colors and random patterns that I'm looking for.

In recent years I have specialized in saggar firing in an electric kiln.

My challenge is to always find (new) possibilities that reflect the 'feel' of wabi-sabi.


Here you can see and buy my work

Tiendschuur, Tegelen

Cups and vases are for sale in the museum shop at the Tiendschuur in Tegelen.

Kunstuitleen Friesland

There are works for sale at the Kunstuitleen in Leeuwarden, which are also available  in their webshop.

Silex Den Bosch

In May and June my work can be seen at Silex in Den Bosch (Engelen). Exact dates will follow.

Galerie Huis ter Heide

From 7 July to 27 August, a number of my works can be seen in Galerie Huis ter Heide (Drenthe).

Past exhibitions

Galerie De Roos, Tilburg
Artine, Oostende
OOkunst, kunstroute Kortemark (B)
Theemaas, Rotterdam
Micksart, Emmen
Galerie Artjean, Kaatsheuvel
Kunsttuin, Veenhuizen
Galerie Bax, Sneek
Beeldhouwcentrum, Nuenen
Arboretum, Doorn
Keramikos, Haarlem
Keramiek Centrum Limburg, Genk, België
Kruithuis, 's-Hertogenbosch
Kunstlichtdesign, Tilburg
Forma Aktua, Groningen